Ahh, December

Ahh, December

It’s that time of year when things in your business may begin to slow down.

What does this mean for you?

Here are some ideas to either keep you busy during this time of year or give you a break.

If you find that your business is slowing down during the holiday season, maybe you should too? When was the last time you took a vacation? Spent time with the kids while they were off for their Christmas break? You have worked hard all year and it may be a time for you to take time out for yourself and your family. Don’t worry, January will be here before you know it and things will once again be keeping you on your toes.

Can’t afford a vacation?

Why not a staycation; time to do the things you wished you could through the rest of the year. Maybe time for a nice crisp, cold walk in the sunshine at your favourite park. Take time to throw the ball for the dog. Sip hot chocolate on a heated patio. Go skiing.

Perhaps this is a good time to catch up on things that normally get swept under the rug when things in your business are busy. How about an afternoon to clean and declutter? Organize some paperwork that has been piling up?

Have you sent out Christmas cards to clients? If things are slow maybe offering a gift certificate or discount on pricing to help get you more work through this time of the year.

Something I have been looking at depth at is goal setting for the new year. What are my financial goals for the coming new year? What are some of the things I hope to accomplish? What are some things I learned from this past year in business? Things I wish to improve upon? Things I know I won’t be doing again?

I know that for some of my downtime in December I will be making a concerted effort to start working on my taxes. Yes, that’s right – taxes. Somehow when it’s December, it seems like April is a million years away, and then – there it is. I will be taking time to get my expenses and income all caught up on in my accounting software. I want to have a good idea of what to expect when tax season arrives.

Being that I am a mom to one fabulous daughter, I will be taking time to go hiking in the snow and woods with her and our two pups. I will be pulling out the sled and hurling myself down a hill, several times and doing some screaming while wondering what the heck I am doing on that sled. I will be baking and will enjoy a simple and peaceful Christmas on our hobby farm. And I know I will be taking advantage of not having to set an alarm for a couple of weeks!

As December is upon us, what will you be doing? Make the most of the season, either by taking a much-needed break, or taking time to catch up and prepare for the new year ahead.