Top 10 Reasons for Hiring a VA

What are the top 10 reasons for hiring a VA?

Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, there is no escaping the administrative duties that come along with having a business.

What I have found is that new business owners tend to want to try and cut costs by doing all the administrative tasks themselves.

What does this lead to?

Overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion – you get the idea.

But why?

Why would you put yourself in that position? Why would you start a business that you love doing work you are passionate about only to allow yourself to be weighed down by tasks you hate?

Think back to when you started your business. What were the reasons you did? You likely did not want to work for someone else anymore. You wanted to do work you were passionate about. You wanted to do work you love. You wanted more work-life balance. Maybe you wanted to have more time for your family?  Maybe you wanted to be able to travel more?

Have you been able to achieve these things? If so – GREAT! But if not – why?

Are you being weighed down with tasks that you wish to no longer do? ‘

Seasoned professionals know how to delegate tasks.

What are the top ten reasons busy business owners and entrepreneurs hire a Virtual Assistant?

  1. Provide better customer service – when you are busy on the frontlines, a VA can be responding to e-mails, creating welcome packs for new customers, checking in on regular customers
  2. Maintaining an online presence – do you have the time to handle all the social media your business needs to do in order to grow?
  3. Stop business owner burnout – you are just one person. You can only reasonably handle so much before you become burned out.
  4. Help to improve your products and services – VA’s can be the eyes and ears in your business to help you improve what you provide to customers.
  5. Help streamline your business and put systems in place – having a VA can help you get systems and processes in place so as your business grows and you bring on more people, everything is organized.
  6. Cost-effective scalability – You likely want your business to grow. Most business owners do. But how to get from A to B to C without breaking the bank? Hiring a VA can get you the help you need right now, without huge costs involved. If you are at the place where you need a hand but don’t want to pay an HR person to handle payroll, or provide office space, or computer equipment, or pay for vacations and downtime, or – well you get the idea. A VA may just be perfect for you. A VA can handle things on the back end while you focus on building your business and doing the work you love – you remember – the whole reason you started your business!
  7. The super obvious one – to hand off all the admin tasks you HATE.
  8. The gift of time – with less of those administrative tasks on your plate you will have more time for you, your family and doing the things you love.
  9. Mental well-being – You cannot keep doing the work of two (or more) people and expect to maintain your sanity!
  10. Gain strengths in the areas you may be weak – yes, I said it. Don’t worry, you are a superstar – however you may not have all the skills necessary to run a successful business. Hiring out some tasks that are not on your list of talents can really make your business shine – after all you want to offer the BEST to your clients!

If any of these reasons jump out – you may just be in need of a VA. Want to know more about what services I offer?

Nervous about working with a VA? Don’t worry, the process is simple! I am super friendly, confidential, and the process of getting you set up is painless.

Reach out today for a complimentary discovery session. Let’s see what areas you could maybe use some assistance!


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